The European Choir Games

Every two years since 2013 INTERKULTUR has invited the world to the European Choir Games as well as to the Grand Prix of Nations, the continental version of the World Choir Games, which are also known as the Olympics of Choral Music.

This event invites not only European choirs, but also ensembles from all around the world to participate on different levels of competitions and to join the festival activities. In July 2015 the power of song brought 100 choirs from more than 30 nations together.

In Magdeburg , Germany more than 3,000 participants celebrated the diversity of choral music in numerous concerts and competitions. In July 2017 more than 5,000 participants, more than 150 choirs, took part at the Grand Prix of Nations and the 3rd European Choir Games in Riga, Latvia.

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The history of the European Choir Games

Linz, Austria (2000)
Busan, Republic of Korea (2002)
Bremen, Germany (2004)
Xiamen, Peoples Republic of China (2006)
Graz, Austria (2008)
Shaoxing, Peoples Republic of China (2010)
Cincinnati, USA (2012)
Riga, Latvia (2014)
Sochi, Russia (2016)
Tshwane, South Africa (2018)
Flanders, Belgium (2020)


Graz, Austria (2013)
Magdeburg, Germany (2015)
Riga, Latvia (2017)
Gothenburg, Sweden (2019)


Jakarta, Indonesia (2007)
Gyeongnam, Republic of Korea (2009)
Manado, Indonesia (2013)
Colombo, Sri Lanka (2017)

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The Opening Ceremony and Concert of the European Choir Games marks the traditional opening of the event: The procession of the flags of participating countries and the ceremonial hoisting of the Games’ flag honoring of the European Choir Games’ international competition jury, augmented by the official music of the event. In the second part of the official Opening Ceremony not only the host country presents itself to the international audience through cultural showcase, dance and music performances but also participating choirs from around the world will be presented.


A lively, colorful Parade of Nations through the streets of the host city welcomes all participants, choirs sing and dance their way through the streets of the host City and turning it into an international, peaceful stage.


In Friendship and Celebration Concert multiple choirs from different countries and/or categories are united for 60-90 minute shows. Friendship Concerts are free performances in city squares, public venues, parks, streets or malls whereas Celebration Concerts are ticketed events with top-class international choirs in special concert venues.


Choirs may earn Bronze, Silver or Gold Diplomas or Medals. The gold medal winning choir in the Champions Competition with the highest point total from an international panel of judges will be named Champion of the European Choir Games in its specific category. In the Grand Prix of Nations choirs may earn Bronze, Silver or Gold Medals and the winner of the Grand Prix of Nations will receive a valuable trophy. The Champions as well as the Grand Prix winners will come to the stage, their country’s flag will be raised and they will sing their national anthem.

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The European Choir Games

Hosting the Grand Prix of Nations & the European Choir Games will bring the music of the whole world to your city. Citizens and visitors will experience exceptional moments of music excellence and encounters with people from all over the world.

In July 2015 the power of song brought 100 choirs from more than 30 nations together. In Magdeburg , Germany more than 3,000 participants celebrated the diversity of choral music in numerous concerts and competitions. In July 2017 more than 5,000 participants, more than 150 choirs, took part at the Grand Prix of Nations and the 3rd European Choir Games in Riga, Latvia.

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Due to the number of approx. 3,000 – 5,000 participants, the European Choir Games gain the significance of a lasting promotion for the local and regional economic development of the respective host city and/or region, especially for the hotels, catering services and the retail trade. There will also be a lasting positive effect on the organizations of non-professional music of the host country. Local, regional and national choir associations will be involved in the planning of the European Choir Games and can make use of the various opportunities this international event offers them.

There will be intensive advertising and promotion for the European Choir Games before the event. Mailings to more than 120,000 choirs, choir associations, ministries and institutions world-wide will ensure that the presence of the European Choir Games is felt by all potential participants. In doing so, the cooperation with the respective National Organizing Committee as well as with the marketing departments of the cities will be part of this campaign.

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Many advertising activities and media coverage will be provided by INTERKULTUR on the basis of the contract with the organization partner and the payments made. A detailed advertising plan is to be drawn up and will be an integral part of the contract.

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Eurovision Choir

The new Eurovision competition format is inspired by the Eurovision Song Contest and the World Choir Games – celebrating choral singing and bringing together the most popular singing competition in Europe and the largest international choir competition in the world. The biannual show, organized by EBU and INTERKULTUR is an addition to the Eurovision Family of Events led by the well-known Eurovision Song Contest. INTERKULTUR has co-developed the concept of the show based on its artistic expertise and long-term experience with international choral competitions. Accordingly, the show is traditionally held within the leading international competitions Grand Prix of Nations & European Choir Games, organized by INTERKULTUR.

In this spirit the EBU and INTERKULTUR have established a fantastic partnership to underline the strength of human voice and singing together.

The philosophy of the European Choir Games is based on the Olympic ideal of “Participation is the highest honor”. Amateur choirs from all over are invited to take part, to compete in a peaceful competition, learn from each other and celebrate the joy of singing and the treasures of choral music. EUROVISION CHOIR showcases choral singing as the most natural way to make music together and show what is possible when combining little more than human voices. Top-class amateur choirs present their outstanding singing skills to a Europe-wide audience. Participating EBU member countries will send choirs to represent their nation and to compete for the title “Eurovision Choir of the Year” and broadcast the show live to their respective host countries.


“Funky Voices had a wonderful time at the Grand Prix of Nations Riga and 3rd European Choir Games. The organization was second to none. Friendly office staff, our volunteer helpers were excellent. We turned the Congress center tent into a party at the friendship concert. Just excellent response everywhere we went. We have found new friends in new countries.”

Funky Voices, Great Britain (Riga 2017)


“We’d like to thank you and the INTERKULTUR team for the great event you have marvelously prepared in Riga. We have spent memorable days at the Grand Prix of Nations Riga 2017 and 3rd European Choir Games.”

– Boca Que Usa, Brazil (Riga 2017)


“It was a great honour for me to be part of this fantastic event. It was very well organized and I think I have never seen a choir festival with such an energy and love to choral singing; you’ve created a great atmosphere which really manifest how wonderful it is.”

– Erik Westberg, Sweden, Juror (Riga 2017)


“The Grand Prix of Nations in Magdeburg was an inspirational musical journey. INTERKULTUR can be so proud of the incredibly high standard.”

– André van der Merve, South Africa, Juror –


With this brochure we provide you all the necessary details to plan the activities centered round this project. You will also find detailed information regarding the immense publicity your town would benefit as well as information on the marketing activities.

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